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What's Your Dream? Why not make it a reality?

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If money and time weren't an obstacle what would you spend your life doing? If you had everything you needed taken care of and all you had to do is what you want? If you're burned out like many people that work a nine to five your response may be to do nothing... If this is you I perfectly understand, now lets imagine you've gotten your break and now you're tired of doing nothing. What do you want to do?

Once you've really come up with something you'd be excited to wake up and do every morning I want you to come up with the reasons you're not doing that instead of what you're doing right now to make money. If it's not feasible to change right now, are you at least working towards what you want to be doing? Life is too short to spend most of it doing something you hate in order to work towards doing nothing when you're 60. That sounds like the plan of misery. Burn yourself out, not enjoy the human experience in your prime and try to enjoy free time at the end when you're body is on its way out. If you're doing what you love you'll be happy to do it till the day you die.

In my life I worked too many jobs that were unfulfilling, I grew up being told you do whatever it takes to provide. For some reason in my mind that translated to do anything to make more money even if it makes you miserable in order to provide as much as possible for your family. As I've grown with my own small family I learn more and more every year it's not what you have that matters but who you are.

I've met countless people throughout my life that have more money than they know what to do with and their integrity is still only worth $100. If a millionaires character is worth only $100 and a poor mans integrity is without price, who is the richer man? Would you really prefer to be richer in this paper we call money or in character? What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

Use money to buy what you need and to arrive to a place where you're doing what you want. When you're doing what you want and you're passionate about it you are more likely to be the best. If you're the best at something that's when the money rolls in and I hope when it arrives you care less about it then ever before.

Are you doing what you love? Please post in our comments below. If you're not, WHY NOT?

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