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So I wrote quite a bit on here and I have to say it was quite creative, original and captivating and I lost it... so here I go again. 

We enjoy reading, self improvement, business and religion. Through our personal study and conversations we've found a correlation to fundamental principles that apply to all these aspects of life. We wanted to not only make a business doing what we enjoy but to do it with people we enjoy doing it with. At FlitterSeed we don't have employees, everyone here is a part owner and invested in the success of this company and therefore, invested in you. Honestly, I'm not as concerned about what direction we are headed or what we focus. Our focus is doing what we can be the best at and having the right people in the company to do it. Flitterseeds philosophy isn't about monetary transactions, it's about sharing the value of connecting and developing relationships with people as we offer each other real value.

Jed - I'm the Chief Technical Officer of the company and I enjoy being outdoors and backpacking. My greatest acheivement is being the father of an amazing son I'd give the world to if I thought it was the right thing. I've worked in wilderness/adventure therapy, sales, IT, as a Production Manager for an Online Radio Show and a Painting Company. My background is vary diverse and I've been many places. I'm excited about the positive impact I've made on the world and look forward to more. Feel free to contact me direct,


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Wanting You To Be Successful.


Welcome to FlitterSeed. What does that mean? Well, we'd like to show you. We like to believe it means we're spreading great messages of great products and great people. We believe here at FlitterSeed it's not so much about what you do but more about who you're doing it with. We're passionate not only about what we do but helping the people we  with. 

Our Thinking

"It's not about what you have, it's who you are that matters." Applicable to your life and business. 

If you have something you believe in and just don't know how to get it in peoples hands or minds we'd like to talk to you.



We read lots of books and like to share what we've learned and sometimes even get paid to do what we love, teach.



Add a personal touch to your site by letting people get to know you. It's not about what you know, it's how you feel.



Take your site to the next level. Communicate to customers in a clear and effective manner that doesn't leave them confused.